Entrepreneurial Approach.
Institutional Execution.

About Global Partners

Global Partners is an institutional Fund Manager focusing on alternative Investments.

We are located in the Dubai International Financial Centre and regulated by the Dubai Financial Service Authority.

Global Partners provides unique investment opportunities targeting top tier investment returns.

In combination with our partners, we combine global reach, local presence and a successful track record.









A word from the CEO

We strive to provide our clients with precise, relevant and actionable solutions of the same quality and in the same manner as we demand to receive from others when we are the client.

Martin Linder, Chief Executive Officer

Discover Our Private Real Estate Platform

Inbound Real Estate

Private Real Estate - Dubai

Global Partners is building a leading built-to-rent platform providing access to developer project returns.

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Outbound Real Estate

US Industrial

Our US Industrial platform provides access to stable triple net investment returns from A grade tenants.

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Our Development Partners​

H&H Development

H&H Development - UAE

H&H Development, a successful UAE based development company has been appointed as the development manager of Global Partners Property Fund I.

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Matthews Southwest

Matthews Southwest – USA/UAE

Matthews Southwest, a US based full serviced real estate development company and one of our preferred property development managers.

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Our International Capital Partners​

Hasheem Investments

Hasheem Investments -

Hasheem Investments is the Private Family Office of H.H. Sheikh Butti Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum.

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Shepherd, Kaplan & Krochuk

Shepherd, Kaplan & Krochuk - USA

Shepherd, Kaplan Krochuk is the company’s investment partner in the USA.

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GMG Asset Management

GMG Asset Management -

GMG Asset Management is one of the fund’s capital partners headquartered Geneva, Switzerland.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Global Partners is committed to provide an inclusive and diverse workplace ensuring every talent in the company is heard. We operate with responsibility, always act with integrity, and lead by example.

Global Partners Commitment to Sustainability

At Global Partners, we believe that responsible real estate investment management requires a commitment to environmental, social and governance. We incorporate sustainability factors into our investment decisions.


Act Responsible. Think Sustainable.

We incorporate sustainability factors into our investment decisions. We believe that relevant ESG information can provide appropriate insights into both risk and investment opportunities, with creating and growing wealth, responsibly, always front of mind.

H&H Development

Dubai, UAE

H&H Development has been appointed as one of the fund’s preferred property development partners and they will play a vital role in ensuring the success of the fund through their access to the most unique and attractive land to develop and use of their world class execution capabilities.

Their reputation for building properties of the highest standard is evidenced by their development of three exceptional Four Seasons properties in Dubai.